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We aim to produce the safest, fastest-charging, and longest-lasting batteries through outstanding technology capabilities.

Core Technology

  • Safety

    Z-folding Technology We have exclusive ownership of a stacking method that intersects and stacks cathodes and anodes between the separators in a zigzag shape to achieve the highest level of safety. The Z-folding technology minimizes cell stress and evenly stacks cathodes and anodes to prevent physical contact between electrodes, greatly reducing the potential risk of internal short and ignition of our batteries. In addition, the technology allows stable alignment between anodes and cathodes, and thus further improves safety. We have secured the highest level of aligned electrode manufacturing technology in the world in terms of high-speed stacking, which allows us to offer improved safety despite the acceleration of battery process production speed.

    Battery(cathodes and anodes between the separators in a zigzag shape)
  • Fast Charging

    Coating Technology We applied a proprietary ceramic coated separator (CCS) with a reinforced mixed inorganic substance layer on one side or both sides of the separator of lithium-ion battery to improve heat resistance, which is directly correlated with the battery's safety, and to enhance the lithium ions’ movement. Moreover, we secured the multi-layer coating (MCS) technology and primer coating technology by continuously developing the binder coating process, which allow us to improve the high-speed charging speed by up to 24% significantly compared to single-side coating technology.

    Coating layer: Single layer coating-Single layer > Coating roll, Multi-layer coating-Bottom layer|Top layer>Coating roll, Primer coating-Primer layer>Coating roll and Bottom layer|Toplayer>Coating roll
  • Long Lasting

    Materials Technology By using high-nickel cathode materials, we maximized energy density and secured superiority in terms of capacity, thermal safety, and cycle performance compared to existing batteries. Ever since NCM622 battery was supplied to electric vehicles for the first time in the world in 2014, we set a new industry standard through the NCM811 and NCM9½½. Going forward, our goal is to reach an energy density of 1,000 Wh/L or higher. In addition, we are working to extend drive range through module technology that maximizes spatial efficiency inside batteries as well as next-generation battery technology including silicon anode materials.

    High-Ni Cathode: NCM622 First application(2014, Kia Soul EV) Development 2012, Mass production 2014 < NCM811 First application(2018, Kia Niro EV) Development 2016, Mass production 2018 < NCM9 First development Development 2019, Mass production 2022