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Videos about the past, present and future of SK Battery America

SK | In The U.S., SK Builds A Stronger Tomorrow

2022 SK innovation PR Movie(English ver.)

2022 SK innovation PR Movie(English ver.)

Thinking outside the box,
surpassing limitations,
using advanced technology considerate of the people,
and remaining conscious of the environment,
we build the future of humankind.

SK Innovation is the synonym of delightful revolution.

SK energy is an innovative global energy company that has provided energy to the world.
SK energy expands into the global market through know-how in the oil industry and partner collaboration.
We increasse the value of energy based on investing in environment friendly workplace facility and developing eco- friendly products and open a sustainable future.
We provide differentiated solutions through innovation for customers and build value toward happiness.

SK geocentric is company that has established an innovative higher value added portfolio through endless ivestment and core technology development.
Using highly functional environment friendly packaging materials that benefit people and the environment we offer a one-stop solution that suits customer needs.
Through the development of lightweight automobile materials that increase fuel efficiency and reduve gas discharge we open up a new possibility for chemical materials.
We march toward becoming an innovative global company that raises the quality of life based on high value added materials that are also environment friendly.

SK on has been pioneering the future of new energy sector with its continuous technological innovation and global parnerships.
In 1992, we succeeded in developing a battery for future mobility using advanced technology that is considerate of the people in preparation for the era of electronic cars.
Our quickly rechargeable long-lasting and stable batteries became the new standard for future mobility.
Our battery is becoming the driving force for future mobility that all dream.

SK lubricants is company that specializes in highly functional high quality lubricants including ubase the world's top base oil made with independent technology the has become the global standard.
We offer the optimal solution for fast evolving mobility and various customer needs through a technology that is always one step ahead.
We will become the global partner that moves the future using future-centric and environment-friendly base oil and lubricants the consider the environment for the next generation.

SK incheon petrochem has been the center of energy supply at the gateway of northeast asia.
We introduced cutting edge technology to establish the best smart pland in the world that is both safe and clean.
furthermore we offer higher value-added products that surpass the global standard to innovate the business model.
Now we will become an environment-friendly energy and chemical company to create a world of coexixtence.
From crude oil to petrochemicals trading specialist SK trading interntional.
We have established a differentiated global platform based on accumulated experise and knowledge.
Now we will form a new industrial ecosystem through the installation of an environment-friendly facility and the marine blending business.
Furthermore we will secure a safe supply net in the overseas retail market and become a global trading company that grows with our global partners.

SK ie technology is a material supplier that owns core technology for the future material industry.
We lead the market for libs the core material for electronic car battery and contribute to the advandcement of the world's intelligence and electronics industry.
We self-develop the flexible cover window the core material of next generation display to expand the range of our material industry.
By developing innovative technology for the future industry. We will grow into a global material company.

SK earthon develops energy resource for humankind surpassing limits.
We changed the paradigm of energy development through a high development success rate based on excellent exploration technique and geological analysis ability.
We will reborn as a carbon neutral company expanding the boudaries of enp business through our expertise and core technical capabilities.

Our innovation heads toward the future.
By solving social problems and exerting endless efforts to coexist with the world.
we build a sustainable future.
We build a delightful innovation to allow happy coexistence among the society and people, environment and people, and everyone else.
SK innovation.