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About Us

SK Battery America is one of the global leading battery manufacturer for EVs.

SK Battery America aims to produce the most advanced EV batteries in the U.S.

As the flagship entity of SK On and a leader in the electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing sector, SKBA is at the forefront of advancing high nickel technology. With an impressive revenue of $2 billion and dedicated team of over 3,0000 employees, we provide high-energy density battery cells to top automotive brands. SKBA's North American expansion is marked by strategic joint partnerships with industry giants such as Ford and Hyundai, underscoring our commitment to the evolving EV landscape.

  • 3,000+


  • $2.6 Billion


  • 2.7Mil sq ft

    Plant Size

  • 22 GWh


  • 300,000

    Evs to Power

We are ushering in the electric vehicle era in collaboration with the global automotive leaders.

We've solidified supply agreements with top-tier global automotive leaders at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution.
Our commitment to expanding the electric vehicle battery industry extends to collaboration across diverse sectors in the U.S. We maintain enduring partnerships with prominent companies, rooted in advanced technology and steadfast reliability.

We are harnessing technology and developing products to drive positive social and environmental impact.

In alignment with our corporate social responsibility, we actively pursue battery technology development with a strong environmental ethos. Our efforts involve the development of high-efficiency, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, which we supply to leading global electric vehicle manufacturers, contributing to the reduction of atmospheric pollution and CO2 emissions.